Here are some travel tips to make your bus charter trip as safe and comfortable as possible:

Before Your Trip:

Select casual and comfortable attire and walking shoes for daytime travel unless the itinerary suggests otherwise.

Since it is difficult to keep the temperature in a motor coach at a level comfortable for everyone, a light jacket is suggested.

Pack a small bag with emergency essentials such as medications. Never pack medications in “checked” baggage.

If your trip involves crossing the border, be sure to carry your a valid passport as proof of citizenship.

Advise your friends and family of your itinerary. Take a list of phone numbers from home that you may need to contact in case of an emergency.

Do not place valuables, including jewelry, cameras, car keys, medicines, etc., in any suitcase or bag that will not be kept with you at your seat. Do not leave valuables on the bus for any length of time, including rest stops, venues or attractions.

During Your Trip:

Listen carefully to all bus driver’s and/or tour guide’s instructions. They may contain information that could be important to enjoying your trip. Write or jot down any information given to you by the driver about where and when you are going to be picked up.

Never enter an area about which you are unsure, or where there are no other travellers around.

When applicable, ask for information from reliable sources such as policemen, shopkeepers, hotel and restaurant personnel, or others who work with the public.

Introduce yourself and your travelling companion (s) to others on the bus. Coach travel is an excellent way to make new friends.

After Your Trip:

Thouroughly check your seat and overhead compartment on the coach for all personal belongings. We are not responsible for any articles left on the coach.

Look carefully at the luggage to have upon return to make sure it belongs to you. Many suitcases look alike and can easily be confused.