Buses are safe. The bureau of transportation reports that buses are twice as safe as flying and 46 times safer than driving and automobile.

Buses reach more destinations. Buses take you right to the doorstep of your destination. Planes and Trains only take you to the nearest stop.

Buses allow mobility. Buses are available to taxy your group around for your entire stay.

Buses are the most fuel efficient. Buses only use 797 BTU’s per passenger mile compared to planes using 4847, trains using 2450, and autos using 3639 according to the US Department of transportation energy book data, 1999 (Bureau of Transportation Statistic, Center for Transportation Analysis).

Buses are better for the environment. Because of their fuel efficiency, buses are better for the environment than most other alternatives.

Buses are inexpensive. Chartering a bus is typically hald the cost of flying, not including benefit that buses provide local travel.

Fatalities Per 10 Billion Passenger Miles
(Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Center for Transportation Analysis)


All motorcoach companies are not alike. When you’re deciding on which company to use, make sure you are comparing apples to apples. If the price received from one operator is significantly different than others in the area, it might be because that company is saving money by poor or inadequate preventive maintenance procedures. Don’t risk heartache to save a couple of bucks! Remember, as a general rule, you get what you pay for.